Visiting Salvador

If you are looking for a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries, then you should head to Santo Tomas, Salvador. About half way down the coast of Brazil, Santo Tomas is a small fishing village that has a laid back atmosphere. With a warm welcoming attitude and plenty of outdoor activities on offer, Santo Tomas blends the fresh tropical island life with the modern conveniences of a modern hotel booking! Located close to Bahia Jondal, the village of Santo Tomas is ideal for exploring the local culture and wildlife, as well as enjoying the unique blend of Portuguese and African cuisines.


About Salvador. Known for its nightlife and vibrant music and festivals, Salvador offers a vivid African feel to its urban streets, music and festivals. In addition to beautiful sandy beaches and secluded beach bars, this charming coastal town features cobbled streets and small, narrow beach bars. Lovers of nature are also very likely to find plenty of quaint, organic shops and galleries in Salvador, which is a great place to visit if you are interested in handicrafts, traditional fabrics, and paintings. The art museum in the city also offers a wide selection of modern art works, boasting a number of different artists and periods of art.

El Gato. Considered one of the best Costa Rica hotels by many visitors, El Gato is situated in the central part of the Pacific Coast, near Sayulita. With plenty of sandy beaches, a beautiful natural park and a wealth of cultural activities, El Gato is a wonderful destination for an eco-tourist vacation. The friendly locals are helpful with any questions about locations, tours, or accommodations, and there are several art studios, boutique hotels and guesthouses around the area.

San Jose. Considered the cultural capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is home to numerous prestigious art museums as well as the San Jose basin, which is where the country’s largest water reservoir is located. A visit to San Jose will give you the opportunity to see authentic relics from the Spanish occupation, and you will be able to enjoy coffee festivals and live entertainment in the downtown area. Many of the hotels here are within walking distance of art studios and tourist attractions, so traveling here is easy even for those on a tight budget.

Santa Cruz. If you are looking for a luxury beach resort, look no further than Santa Cruz. While it is not the most popular destination, it is definitely the most beautiful, with plenty of local and national parks to enjoy. You can enjoy an eco-tour, or just bask in the warm sun on one of the many beaches throughout the area.

Playa Del Carmen. While this part of Salvador is not much different than other parts of the country, it does have some great art galleries and is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Central America. There are many activities and attractions here, including visits to various art museums, golfing on the gorgeous Punta del Este beach, and even visiting one of the islands to see the Mayan Indians.

Chincoteague. Chincoteague is another great location for a vacation in Salvador. This small city is home to a great selection of real estate, and you can enjoy the beautiful green mountains that surround the city. You can also enjoy many different art festivals, golf, and history conferences.

These are only a few of the options available to you if you are looking for a vacation in Salvador. Salvador is full of charm, with many different cultures calling this island home. With its wonderful weather and beautiful landscape, you are sure to have a wonderful vacation in this charming country. You will not regret spending a visit here, and will return again as long as you wish.